Week 2 pictures

Goals to hit!

If I average 4 pounds down each week the goals should go as follows ( “!” means achieved or surpassed, “#” means didn’t):

4/18 – 241 (start)
4/25 – 237 !
5/2 – 233 !
5/9 – 229 !
5/16 – 225 !
5/23 – 221 #
5/30 – 217 #
6/6 – 213 #
6/13 – 209 #
6/20 – 205 # (actual was 216)
6/27 – 201 # (actual was 214)
and on Independence Day 7/4 I will have met goal number one: being under 200 lbs – 197!!!

That day will take on a whole new meaning for me, so if I stick to my goals and keep with the average of 4 pounds down a week, I’ll meet that first one. If I continue that to goal, I should reach my ultimate goal of 150 by??? (i haven’t figured it out yet, haha).

I have a total of 91 pounds to lose if I want to get to 150 lbs. WOW, that’s a lot but I know it can be done. And once I am there, mama is getting herself some HOT Seven For All Mankind jeans!

Lost this week!

I lost 4.2 pounds since April 18th.
I managed to stay on target with my calorie intake and burn.

This is for REALZ this time!

Measurement updates to come on Sunday as well as updated loss.

Starting Pictures… Week 1 pics

My stats from April 18, 2009

Here are my stats from April 18th 2009:

Starting weight – 241 pounds

Body Fat Percentage – 39%

Now the measurments:

Neck – 13.5″

Chest – 44″

Upper Arm – 15″

Forearm – 11″

Waist – 43.5″

Hips – 53″

Thigh – 30″

Calf – 18.5″

Here I go again on my own… ;)

I quit my journey before the new year even sunk in. I felt overwhelmed that I couldn’t do it this time.

This changed when I found out my 10 year high school reunion is August 29th, 2009!

I had always wanted to go back to this smaller than where I was in HS. I had planned to start early enough, or get bariatric surgery to achieve this. That didn’t happen, and last week I found out the date of the reunion.

This time is different. I have a confidence I can meet my goals and be ready in time for the event. I hope to lose 40 pounds by August 29th – this gives me just a little over 4 months… 10 lbs a month – I can do it!

I bought an Apex BODYBUGG and have been entering all my food intake and calories on myapex.com, working out at the gym 3-4 times a week, and started using a personal trainer. So far I have an average calorie deficit of 500 – not bad!

I’ll post measurements, stats and starting photos soon!