Here I go again on my own… ;)

I quit my journey before the new year even sunk in. I felt overwhelmed that I couldn’t do it this time.

This changed when I found out my 10 year high school reunion is August 29th, 2009!

I had always wanted to go back to this smaller than where I was in HS. I had planned to start early enough, or get bariatric surgery to achieve this. That didn’t happen, and last week I found out the date of the reunion.

This time is different. I have a confidence I can meet my goals and be ready in time for the event. I hope to lose 40 pounds by August 29th – this gives me just a little over 4 months… 10 lbs a month – I can do it!

I bought an Apex BODYBUGG and have been entering all my food intake and calories on, working out at the gym 3-4 times a week, and started using a personal trainer. So far I have an average calorie deficit of 500 – not bad!

I’ll post measurements, stats and starting photos soon!

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