Week 6 weigh in

Down 3.4 pounds today, bringing the total since April 18th to 20.4!

The last two weeks have been hard… seeing my weight loss stop, gain a little bit and then not move… I knew it was too early for this, so I freaked out. I changed my program, and I guess that helped.

I get so scared of the weight loss stopping, gaining and the ups and downs of it all. I’ve tried so hard everytime, only to have the weight come back on, and then some… so when I start seeing that pattern, I freak out.

So today when I finally saw a loss again, I literally breathed a sigh of relief. No plateau yet. I know it will happen eventually but I hope I am better equipt by that point.

I just bought 7 personal training sessions yesterday, so I know for the next 6 weeks  (used one yesterday)  or more, I have that ability to boot camp the weight away.

Also, bodybugg is getting on my nerves. I’ll write a post about that later. For now I am off to dinner.

BONUS: Week 6 pics you can see!!!

This was fun. Not my usual weekly photo session, but since I made the others private, here are some ones you can see.

Edited program.

I edited my calories today. Bodybugg did actually, but I answered the questions.
I went from 1650 calorie intake and 2650 burn to 1400 intake and 2900 burn.

I’m already hungry.

The price of weight loss I guess.


Week 5 weigh in

This week was not a big loss. I didn’t meet my goal. I only lost 1.4 pounds this week. I am happy for a loss, but there are no obvious reasons as to why I didn’t lose more…. I worked out as I should, burning at least 500 during my workouts and cardio. I only surpassed my calorie limit one day, and I tried to make up for it by spending an hour and a half on the ellipitical (which try to tell me I burned 804 calories, when bodybugg said 491). This week my daily average calorie burn for the day was 3111 and my calorie intake averaged 1332. That is a daily average deficit of 1779.

So to make sure I’m still on track, I took measurements (in inches). Here they are:

Neck: 13.5 – was 14 – started at 14
Chest: 42.5 – was 43.5 – started at 44
Upper Arm: 14.25 – was 14.5 – started at 15
Fore Arm: 10.25 – was 10.5 – started at 11
Waist: 41 – was 42.5 – started at 43.5
Hips: 49 – was 51 – started at 53
Thigh: 28.5 – was 29.5 – started at 30
Calf: 18.25 – was 18.5 – started at 18.5

So there is great loss in my chest, waist and hips. I am fitting into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear since before I had my now almost 2 year old. That is AWESOME!

It’s still discourging when it’s such a small number. If things haven’t improved by mid week, then I will re-eval, if not better by next way in, then I’ll make a change.

More pics for week 5 1/2

One month anniversary!!!!

Today is the one month marker of when I started my weight loss journey!

Week 4 weigh in!

This week was right on goal – I lost 4.2 pounds, bringing my total since April 18th to 16.6 pounds!

Since this is the last weigh in for my first month, I am so happy that I exceeded my goal. It hasn’t been easy, but it also hasn’t been as hard as I was afraid of.

It’s interesting how my level of commitment has stayed sure and steady. I’ve tried to aggressively lose weight many times over the last 4 years, but it’s short-lived with minimal results. This time I really do feel like this is IT!

Here’s to continuted success, and for those unsuccesful and hard times ahead, I hope and preay for the strength courage and perseverance to keep going.

Thanks readers!

Week 4 pictures!

I think it looks like I gained instead of lost… weird.

The importance of the gym for me.

I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness until Thursday, May 14th. My one-year prepaid membership will be over this week.

I also pre-paid for personal training sessions and childcare. $99 for 3 training sessions and $55 for 40 childcare visits. Both I still have remaining openings for.

I know the importance of working out and geting cardio, strength training and resistance in, especially as a bodybugg user. If I dont do at least 30 minutes of exersize a day,I don’t meet my calorie burn. I sometimes go walking in my neighborhood to do this, but it’s not as effective for me. I am fearful of what will happen once my membership is over. I don’t have the money right now to renew, especially since the month-to-month costs $24-29 a month. Costco has a deal where you can get an unlimited 2 year all club membership for $299 – that’s what I plan to purchase when I have money again.

In order to get the money needed to get another membership, I am selling my baby stuff I no longer need. This is how I earn my income lately. I sold a lot of cloth diapers the other day to pay for a physical therapy appointment, and plan to sell my beloved double jogging stroller to afford another gym membership. I have plenty of clothes my girls have outgrown, however selling clothes is much harder than I had hoped.

So, until I can renew my membership I will be walking every day, using our poor quality ellipitical, using small weights and resistance bands to complete my workouts. I might even try to find some workout videos or something along those lines.

Any chance 24 Hr would like to Sponsor me? Didn’t think so. Oh well, a girl can dream right?

Review: CLICK Espresso Protein Drink

So, I purchased CLICK after reading about it for a few weeks on Melting Mama, and entering her contest for a CLICK starter kit. I got an email from CLICK (after I joined their mailing list for specials), and they are running a Mothers Day Special (You get the 14 serving tub plus the shaker bottle (w/ whisk ball) and a mini back-pack thing for the price of just the tub -($25). Shipping is $7.95 but it arrived 2 days after I purchased. Not bad…. I love a good deal, and this deal is a winner!

I was going to try it after a workout, but since I’ve had to go at night lately due to having a sick baby, I feared I’d be up all night from the caffeine buzz, and will try that another day. Instead, I made CLICK my breakfast this morning. I usually have coffee w/ fat free half and half and Splenda, and then some Egg Beaters w/ veggies and maybe a yogurt or something, but today, it was ALL CLICK. I poured 14 oz cold water and a few ice cubes into my CLICK shaker bottle, put in 2 scoops of the mix, dropped the whisk ball in and shook it. I had some fears of “chunks” not mixing well, but the whisk ball eliminated this from happening.

I poured it into a nice tall glass, took a sip and YUM!!! I found my new morning breakfast! It tasted much better than I expected.  It’s taste is rich and flavorful. The creamy coffee flavor hit my sweet spot as well as satisfying my craving for chocolate and coffee without the high calories and high price I could expect at certain unnamed chain coffee places. It averages out to $1.79 per serving. How much easier (and de-lish) could this be?

I give CLICK Espresso Protein Drink 5 stars!!! I am surely going to be a regular customer from here on out. If you sign up for their mailing list you’ll be included when they run specials like the current Mother’s Day Special so I would highly suggest it.

Thanks CLICK for making the answer to my yummy protein drink needs!

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