Traffic to my blog? WHAAA??

I went to STATS earlier, curious if I had 1-2 views today… when I saw 58 I kind of freaked out! 58 people I don’t know looked at me in all my fat glory! 58 people know my weight. 58 people are counting on me to keep giving them good news each week. The PRESSURE! I almost feel like I am taking part of The Biggest Loser – Blog Edition. Hey… I should start that…. I think I’ll CC that title and make it a real deal. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

Anyway, to the readers out there, thanks for stopping by. I have turned comments off since frankly, I don’t want feedback. It may change in the future, but in these first early weeks – I could do with out the bad stuff people write.

Be sure and subscribe. I’ll be posting pretty often.

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