I felt “normal” today…

I tried to eat like a normal person today – I didn’t freak out as much as I usually do. I still made good choices, but wanted to see how it felt after not eating out (let alone food that I didn’t make myself) in 2 weeks. I went to Subway and got a 6″ Turkey Breast which was 290 calories, a pack of apples and a water. We then went to Costco (a little cardio, eh?) and only sampled one thing – the sugar free RockStar energy drink. I wanted one of the muffins SO bad. I am still having crazy sweets cravings… When do these go away?

I have been so obsessed these last two weeks about making sure I am eating right at or below my target calories and trying to burn as much as possible, that I’ve kind of lost sight of everything else. Today, I didn’t let it control my day. I didn’t update my calories until after 4, and I feel okay.

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