The importance of the gym for me.

I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness until Thursday, May 14th. My one-year prepaid membership will be over this week.

I also pre-paid for personal training sessions and childcare. $99 for 3 training sessions and $55 for 40 childcare visits. Both I still have remaining openings for.

I know the importance of working out and geting cardio, strength training and resistance in, especially as a bodybugg user. If I dont do at least 30 minutes of exersize a day,I don’t meet my calorie burn. I sometimes go walking in my neighborhood to do this, but it’s not as effective for me. I am fearful of what will happen once my membership is over. I don’t have the money right now to renew, especially since the month-to-month costs $24-29 a month. Costco has a deal where you can get an unlimited 2 year all club membership for $299 – that’s what I plan to purchase when I have money again.

In order to get the money needed to get another membership, I am selling my baby stuff I no longer need. This is how I earn my income lately. I sold a lot of cloth diapers the other day to pay for a physical therapy appointment, and plan to sell my beloved double jogging stroller to afford another gym membership. I have plenty of clothes my girls have outgrown, however selling clothes is much harder than I had hoped.

So, until I can renew my membership I will be walking every day, using our poor quality ellipitical, using small weights and resistance bands to complete my workouts. I might even try to find some workout videos or something along those lines.

Any chance 24 Hr would like to Sponsor me? Didn’t think so. Oh well, a girl can dream right?

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