Review: CLICK Espresso Protein Drink

So, I purchased CLICK after reading about it for a few weeks on Melting Mama, and entering her contest for a CLICK starter kit. I got an email from CLICK (after I joined their mailing list for specials), and they are running a Mothers Day Special (You get the 14 serving tub plus the shaker bottle (w/ whisk ball) and a mini back-pack thing for the price of just the tub -($25). Shipping is $7.95 but it arrived 2 days after I purchased. Not bad…. I love a good deal, and this deal is a winner!

I was going to try it after a workout, but since I’ve had to go at night lately due to having a sick baby, I feared I’d be up all night from the caffeine buzz, and will try that another day. Instead, I made CLICK my breakfast this morning. I usually have coffee w/ fat free half and half and Splenda, and then some Egg Beaters w/ veggies and maybe a yogurt or something, but today, it was ALL CLICK. I poured 14 oz cold water and a few ice cubes into my CLICK shaker bottle, put in 2 scoops of the mix, dropped the whisk ball in and shook it. I had some fears of “chunks” not mixing well, but the whisk ball eliminated this from happening.

I poured it into a nice tall glass, took a sip and YUM!!! I found my new morning breakfast! It tasted much better than I expected.  It’s taste is rich and flavorful. The creamy coffee flavor hit my sweet spot as well as satisfying my craving for chocolate and coffee without the high calories and high price I could expect at certain unnamed chain coffee places. It averages out to $1.79 per serving. How much easier (and de-lish) could this be?

I give CLICK Espresso Protein Drink 5 stars!!! I am surely going to be a regular customer from here on out. If you sign up for their mailing list you’ll be included when they run specials like the current Mother’s Day Special so I would highly suggest it.

Thanks CLICK for making the answer to my yummy protein drink needs!

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