Week 6 weigh in

Down 3.4 pounds today, bringing the total since April 18th to 20.4!

The last two weeks have been hard… seeing my weight loss stop, gain a little bit and then not move… I knew it was too early for this, so I freaked out. I changed my program, and I guess that helped.

I get so scared of the weight loss stopping, gaining and the ups and downs of it all. I’ve tried so hard everytime, only to have the weight come back on, and then some… so when I start seeing that pattern, I freak out.

So today when I finally saw a loss again, I literally breathed a sigh of relief. No plateau yet. I know it will happen eventually but I hope I am better equipt by that point.

I just bought 7 personal training sessions yesterday, so I know for the next 6 weeks  (used one yesterday)  or more, I have that ability to boot camp the weight away.

Also, bodybugg is getting on my nerves. I’ll write a post about that later. For now I am off to dinner.

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