Pics of BodyBugg display from my 1607 cal burn!

Please pardon that these are flipped in mirror image (or backwards/upside down, who knows anymore), I don’t know how to change them yet (anyone know how?).

This shows that I did burn indeed 1607 calories dancing, to all disbelief!

Burn baby, BURN!

Found a new FUN way to burn 1607 calories in a short time, DANCING.

Yep, I burned 1607 calories from 11 pm to 330 am while out dancing with my married mama friends. At first I thought there was NO WAY that could be right, but I checked and double checked – yep, that’s what I actually did.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I cannot believe that you can burn so many calories and have fun like I did at the same time. I think I found my new “last-minute workout” activity!!!

Week 10 weigh in

I was down exactly 2 lbs this week, bringing my weight to 214.0 – a total of 27 pounds down since April 18th.

I think the reason I was not losing was that I was not eating enough. I was way below on my calories, consuming average of 900-1100 vs my 1700 as listed. So, I started eating more, and look, loss again.

So here’s to continued loss.

Week 10 pics

Week 9 weigh in

Well, not good news, but not bad news I guess….

I didn’t lose or gain any weight this week. I am still exactly 216.0.

I know I lost and gained thoughout the week, but as of this morning weigh in, I am exactly the same number I was last week when I stepped on the scale.

I started a medication this week, which I wonder if that has any affect on it – it’s an anti-depressant (Zoloft), so I guess I’ll know next week.

So, nothing exciting to report. I had better make up for it next week… I need to stay on my goal schedule, and right now I am behind!

Video Blog – Chocolate Cravings

Edited the Before and After page

I included a side by side comparison of the week 1 to week 9 pics. I only see subtle difference, which is really annoying as there should be more when 25 pounds is missing!

Also updated the measurements.

Full Bottle!

I haven’t talked about it yet, but I take a lot of vitamins and supplements. TONS.

One particular supplement that I am taking seems to have quite the effect of my weight loss. Here’s the scoop on it:

Inthinity®: MetaBurn™

Burn unwanted fat.

Alternative fat-burning products that include ingredients like ma huang or ephedra may increase heart rate and cause agitation. MetaBurn™ contains all-natural ingredients like green tea extract and bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) that support fat-burning without the harmful side effects.

MetaBurn includes BioResponse DIM™, a patented botanical, diindolylmethane complex that supports hormonal balance.

  • Supports hormonal balance*
  • Promotes fat burning*
  • Supports healthy weight management*

I notice that when I take this on a regular basis, as directed on the bottle (2-3 per day), my calories burn easier, and I have less cravings. I have been out of this for the past 2 weeks, and got my shipment yesterday, and whattaya know, my cal burn is back up….

So, I am not going to allow myself to run out of it again. Thankfully I am an associate with the company that sells it (Univera), so I get it at a great price. If anyone wants to give it a try (highly recommended), contact me and I’ll help ya out.

Week 9 pics

Video Blogging!

New Segment!

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