Week 8 weigh in

Today I weigh in at 216.0 – That’s 2.8 pounds down since last week, bringing my total to 25 pounds down since April 18!


I also did my body fat percentage this week. I don’t know what the mm number mean – he used the pinchy thing to get them, but I do know that my percentage is down from 37.7 on May 4th. Here’s this week’s stats
Weight: 216 lbs.   Body Fat %:  35.6%   Bicep: 10mm    Triceps: 22mm   Subscap..:  27mm  Suprailiac:  37mm

The number was not big this week, but I still feel good. I am on target, and the percentage is going down. I plan to take inches measurements tomorrow, so I will post those soon.

Everything else has been good so far. I work out with my trainer Joe every Friday, this week I did shadow boxing which was fun. I’ve been sick most all week, so my appetite has been gone (which I don’t mind) so I have been eating a lot of protein. I went shopping yesterday and got some size 14 jeans and a size large shirt!!! No more plus size, HECK YEAH! Had to get a new bra too, cause the girls are shrinking more than anything 😦

Thanks to all of my readers. I’ve been sharing my blog more often lately, hoping to gain some support and accountability. I think I might make up some shirts at CafePress… I’m going to make a simple Fat2FitMama logo soon.

That’s all for now. 🙂

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