Week 15 pics

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Week 14 weigh in and measurements

Well, as suspected, I gained. I was 210.8 pounds this morning. Last week I was 207.2, so that is a gain of 3.6 pounds this week bringing my total of weight loss to 30.2  since April 18th.

And the weird part – I am okay with it. Why? Because I know I did everything right this past week, perhaps even better than right, since I worked out more, burned more calories and my food intake was within range and I didn’t get off track.

I am surely retaining water, why – I don’t know. I feel it, and it shows, and the scale also agrees.

Instead of beating myself up over this gain, I am going to reward myself instead. I have come a long way, I am sticking to my plan, and this is just a small bump in the road. I am doing great, and the scale will reflect it next week or the week after.

How am I going to reward myself? Not with chocolate, not with cookies or sweets…. No, I am going to get a haircut! 🙂 I was going to wait until I reached my first goal point off under 200, which I fully anticipated I would have been past by now. I need a little boost though. I dread looking in the mirror or at my pictures, and my messy rats nest of hair is surely one of those reasons.

So, my goals this week are to lose the 3.6 I gained, workout at least 1 hour each day, and limit my morning coffee (drip w/ 2 Splenda packets and 3 tbsp of fat-free half and half) down to just 3 times this week. I also want to try to get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier this week too.

Here’s to making things happen!

Oh, and to show I am still heading in the right direction, I did measurements this week – I am still losing!


Recorded July 25th , 2009 at 8:00 am PST

Neck: 13.5″ – started at 14
Chest:  41″ – started at 44
Upper Arm: 13″ – started at 15
Fore Arm: 9.8″ – started at 11
Waist: 38″ – started at 43.5
Hips: 47″ – started at 53
Thigh:  27″ – started at 30
Calf: 17″ – started at 18.5

I’m afraid….

… that I will have gained this week. It’s not due to anything I can control. I have done ZUMBA 3 times this week and kept my goal of workout out for at least an hour straight every day (most days were 2 hours), and I have done well on my eating, and have tracked everything and stayed in target. However, I am feeling super bloated and think I am retaining water. I feel heavy. It’s not fair *stomping feet*.

So, when I stepped on the scale earlier today to just “check” and saw in order to make goal this week, I would have to lose 5 or more pounds, I feel it won’t happen.

I hate times like this.

To make up for it, I will do measurements tomorrow morning, so I will have SOME loss.

Still loving it…

I got a fresh order of my Univera products – this time I ordered the complete Inthinity System!

This includes 2 bottles of MetaFuel™ shake in vanilla (meal replacement or for me, to make my protein shakes),  1 bottle of MetaBurn™ (the one that helps my calories burn), 1 bottle of MetaPower™ (vitamins and essential fats), a pedometer, and a guidebook packed with great weight loss information, helpful tips, and recipes. I gave he pedometer to my husband since the BodyBugg has one built in.

Today is day 3 of all of it, so we’ll soon see how it’s all working out. So far I love all of it together.

For those who want to try the products yourself, please go to http://allen.myunivera.com/ then find the Inthinity System under Nourish or email me for more help.

Week 14 pics

Week 13 weigh in

Drumroll please………

Down 4 pounds! Today’s weight is 207.2

oh. my. word.

I have lost 33.8 pounds since April 18th.


week 13 pics

Another video update and links

Week 12 weigh in

I was down 0.8 lbs today, I didn’t meet the 2 lb goal.

My total is 29.8 lbs since April 18th.
Goals this coming week: 3 lbs down, stay in my calorie limits, 30 minutes of cardio each day and only have coffee 3 days this week. Fair enough, right?

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