Still loving it…

I got a fresh order of my Univera products – this time I ordered the complete Inthinity System!

This includes 2 bottles of MetaFuel™ shake in vanilla (meal replacement or for me, to make my protein shakes),  1 bottle of MetaBurn™ (the one that helps my calories burn), 1 bottle of MetaPower™ (vitamins and essential fats), a pedometer, and a guidebook packed with great weight loss information, helpful tips, and recipes. I gave he pedometer to my husband since the BodyBugg has one built in.

Today is day 3 of all of it, so we’ll soon see how it’s all working out. So far I love all of it together.

For those who want to try the products yourself, please go to then find the Inthinity System under Nourish or email me for more help.

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  1. Ruth
    Jul 22, 2009 @ 16:26:30

    Interesting. I am going to go check this stuff out right now.

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