Goals for week 16

This is going to be a new segment to the weekly posts. I am going to post goals to stick to every week from now on. Help me stay accountable!

For week 16:

1) No added salt to food (hiding the salt shaker)

2) No soda of any kind (including no diet soda)

3) Coffee only 2 times this week

4) Weigh and measure everything! The food scale and tablespoons are coming with me everywhere I go

5) If you bite it, you must write it. LOG EVERYTHING

6) Water – at least 100 oz everyday, and measure and log it as well

7) No more than 1500 calories consumed, burn at least 2700 a day. This is down 200 calories consumed from where I have been. Should help me get over this hump

8) 1 hour of exercise daily

That should do it, right? Anything you all have to suggest?


Mid-week update… I have not stuck to the coffee one, or the water logging one. I have done great on the rest though!

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