I am nervous

Tomorrow (Saturday) is such an important day for me. I am a ball of nerves right now preparing for it…
Here’s what tomorrow holds:

– Firefighter Physical Agility Test. This is the part that has always held me up in the past. I MUST pass it

– Weigh in tomorrow. It looks like it could be the big one, or should I say ONEderland. I just might make my under 200 mark

– High School reunion tomorrow night. I am just so excited to see everyone, and I am very excited I am the same size/weight I was back when I graduated 10 years ago! WOO WOO!

– Road-trip! 3+ hours each way. I pray that nobody gets sick, and we make it safely.

I will post my weigh in and all that jazz tomorrow after my test, before I shower and head out. Prayers, Love and Light, good thoughts and whatever else you can send this way is very much appreciated.

Now to burn some of this nervous energy off, I have last minute shopping to do.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robminx
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 06:43:40

    You’re welcome. Please stop by my page and tell me what you think. I would really appreciate that. Keep sharing your work, the world needs to hear your voice.


  2. fat2fitmama
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 16:04:21

    Thank you!

  3. robminx
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 16:02:57

    Wow!!! You’re facing alot, but I have no doubt you can handle it !!!


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