The night before weigh in…

T’was the night before weigh in, and all though the house… I thought I could come up with a cute story to go here, but I’m too tired tonight. I’ll work on it 😉

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be my do-or-die weigh in day. The one where I see a good number and everything is magically better. It’s not going to happen. Not this week.

I didn’t do bad this week… I wish I could say I did, it would justify what’s been going on, but I haven’t, really.

Tonight when I weighed myself before getting on email, I was 207.9. Earlier in the week, I was 209.6… Yeah, I was freaking out. Made THIS video for the YouTube channel.

I took my YT friends’ advice and drank water like crazy today – over 140 ounces to be exact. Plus I walked to and from school with the kids, did lots of housework and ended my night with push-ups and sit-ups.

I think I am going to get checked up on everything next week if the scale does not start showing better numbers. I am going to measure tomorrow to see how the inches are… if I can find my measuring tape!

I am getting pretty frustrated. It was not this hard for those first 20 weeks, why does it have to be so hard now?

Look for a weekly weigh in post tomorrow.

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