Week 28 weigh in and halloween special video!

Today I weighed 201.0! That means I was down 3.2 pounds! HOORAY


Week 27 weigh in

I gained this week – up 3 pounds, to 204.2.

I honestly haven’t been working on weight loss at all. I haven’t been logging my food, I haven’t been exercising, I haven’t been making sure I am doing everything I should be. This week’s gain is the result of my unhealthy habits.

What am I going to do this week to make sure I am down next week? I will continue to drink 1 gallon of water a day, I will log at least 50% of my food, although this should be 100%, I will be sure to get my 1 hour of cardio activity in, and I will eat clean and eat smart.

I am hoping to start doing  pics again. I may change to monthly pics though… Maybe on the 1st of every month???

What are you going to do this week to make healthy habits and good changes?

Week 27 update

Week 26 mid-week update

Pics… I know

I haven’t posted pics in a few weeks. I am SO sorry. I actually think I am going to start doing pics on a 2X a month or once-a-month basis…. What do you think?

Week 25 weigh in

Would you believe it… I was EXACTLY the same as I was last week. 201.2.

I am dealing with a lot of stress right now and my lovely lady hormones are messing around with me, so I am retaining water, breaking out like a teenager and am hunched over in pain from cramps, and it’s NOT even that time of the month. Lucky me… I guess the PCOS is not gone.

Sorry for lack of posting, pics and all that. I suck.

I’ll make up for it soon, I promise. Thank you all for your support. It really means the world to me. OOOOOh, forgot to tell you… I am gonna get stickers and t-shirts made, and I’ll send you a “I Support Fat2FitMama” sticker soon!

Thanks all! ❤ ya

Updated measurements

I updated the Before & After page, but let me share here as well…


Recorded October 3rd, 2009 (starting measurements recorded April 18th, 2009)

Neck: 13″ – started at 14                  Total lost: 1 inch
Chest:  40″ – started at 44               Total lost: 4 inches
Upper Arm: 12.5″ – started at 15    Total lost: 2.5 inches
Fore Arm: 9.25″ – started at 11       Total lost: 1.75 inches
Waist: 36.5″ – started at 43.5          Total lost: 7 inches!
Hips: 46″ – started at 53                   Total lost: 7 inches!
Thigh:  26″ – started at 30                Total lost: 4 inches
Calf: 17″ – started at 18.5                  Total lost: 1.5 inches

As of today, I have lost 39.8 pounds in 24 weeks and 28.75 inches total! Not bad, eh?

Week 24 weigh in

201.2! I am down 3.4 pounds this week! HECK YES, I am BACK in the game!

Thanks to P90X, my new bodybugg digital display, and drinking over a gallon of water every day! Next week I’ll finally be back in ONEderland!