Welcome back Fat2FitMama!

I posted on the Fat2FitMama Facebook page:

The goal: lose 60 lbs in 6 months. The reward: one heck of a 30th birthday present. Today starts my new journey. Fat2FitMama is back, and she’s motivated!

Yep. I re-activated the BodyBugg, made my diet and activity plan, set goals and made myself accountable to both YouTube and friends & family. I started this journey back in April 2009 intending to make it to the end. I got lost along the way, but once again found it, and I’m gonna make it this time.

With my 30th birthday in almost exactly 6 months (yesterday was the 6 month mark), I have a solid goal of meeting on or before that date. A great birthday present to myself.

Now… I need to get the camera working again so that I can start doing my weekly progress pics once again and I am now vlogging on YouTube on Wednesdays. Weigh-in days will be Mondays.

Thankfully I belong to a great gym/athletic club, so I can continue to do my favorite Zumba workouts, in addition to classes, swimming, cardio, weight training and maybe add in some running??? We’ll see.

Thanks to those of you who have continued to support and encourage me over the last 6-9 months while I was “lost”. It means a lot that you stuck around and saw me at my lows.

SO, with that being said, I’m once again BACK. I’ve said it before, but this time, please hold me to it. Be mean if you have to 😉

–Lauren aka Fat2FitMama

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