HELLOOOOOOOO!~ Long time no see…

Sorry I’ve been MIA. School has drained me of all life.

I owe you all lots of updates and pics, and especially since the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY is coming up!

Here is a little something to hold you all over til then!

Before and After pics…. (sorry the after pics are not my usual official pics, they are what I have right this moment)


Date 3/25/10
Weight: 186
Neck 12.5″
Chest 37″
Up. Arm  12.5″
F. Arm 9.5″
Waist  32″
Hip  42″
Thigh  24.5″
Calf  15.5″
Estimated Lean Mass   135.58
Estimated Fat Mass  51.42

Compared to –

Date 4/18/09
Weight: 241 lbs
Neck 13.5″
Chest  44″
Up. Arm  15″
F. Arm  11″
Waist  43.5
Hip  53″
Thigh  30″
Calf    17.5″
Estimated Lean Mass 132.55
Estimated Fat Mass  108.45

Week 30 weigh in

Where have I been???

I’m so sorry I have been neglecting my blog! It’s been a challenge lately to keep everything up to date.

I have been updating the youtube videos, so I wil paste them all here, but I am alive, and doing well!

I started a new challenge for myself… I will paste the link or video here so you can read more about it.

I promise I will update everything here soon!



Hello friends and family!

Yes, I have gone public.

For many of you, this is the first time you’re seeing this blog and reading about this journey. It may be shocking to some, exciting to others, and perhaps inspiring.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am happy to share with all of you, and look forward to hearing from more of you in the comments!

I must share with you though, I am nervous. I have never-ever shared my weight with most of you, and surely have not allowed any of you to see the whole picture of my struggle.  This can be very ugly at times.

Take some time to catch up on it all. I started at week 1 or 2 back in April, so it might take you a while. I am of course open to questions, comments and ideas. I am not open to negativity or criticism. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Constructive criticism is okay, but I think you know what I mean.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and I hope you’ll stick around for a while.

Love, Lauren aka Fat2FitMama

Update to Fire Department Testing!

Going public.

When I first started this blog, it was only for me. I didn’t share the address with anyone, I kept comments private, and I didn’t expect to have visitors.I wanted a place to keep track of the progress I was making (or not making) in my weight loss journey. I wanted a place to keep pictures, weight records, etc.

I certainly didn’t make this to inspire or encourage anyone else. At least, not at first.

However, somewhere along the way, a few people started following, and soon I was making videos on YouTube, and sharing the link. Visitors started checking weekly, and soon I was allowing comments. I was allowing myself and my blog to be vulnerable and open.

I will hit the 20 week mark tomorrow on this journey. I am going “public” with the blog and my story. My journey. It’s not all about me anymore – I am also doing this to help you, my readers and my followers in your journey as well. I want to encourage and inspire you, I want to support you in your efforts, and keep you motivated. I want you to see I have bad days too. That I mess up, but get right back on with it. I am ready to be as open and honest and allow EVERYONE to know the truth. To know that I was once 241 pounds 20 weeks ago. I want everyone to see the success, but also see the struggle.

So very soon, Fat2FitMama.com will have a Grand Opening, and I will share my blog with all my family, my friends, my acquaintances, classmates, anybody and everyone who has been some part of my journey in the past 20 weeks. Maybe I can find some cool swag to GIVEAWAY, or have a raffle of some sort.

But today, I am mentally preparing. I am scared. I am afraid of rejection, of disgust, of shame. I am afraid that people will judge me, that someone will laugh, or crack a joke about me. I surely fear that I will get a negative comment or will end up on some joke blog, or my photos and personal info will be the point of ridicule. But isn’t that to be expected? Do we need to face such challenges in order to become stronger?

Very soon, the rest of the world will know my story thus far. Maybe someone will be encouraged or inspired by it, maybe someone else will be disgusted and make fat jokes about me. But I will still be here, working hard and making progress. I will still be heading torward the finish line, and that’s going in the right direction.

Guess what just arrived? + GIVEAWAY!

My CLICK starter pack!

I haven’t tried it yet, as I want to wait until before I head to the gym – to test it’s BOOSTING abilities.

Guess what else was included? SAMPLES!

It’s time for the first Fat2FitMama giveaway – leave a comment below (including your email or contact info) about why you would like to win this and on Saturday May 30th at 10AM PST I’ll post the winners chosen from random.org. One comment entry per reader, however to increase your chances, you can do the following:

  1. Subscribe to this blog for an additional entry.
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  3. Repost on your own blog about this contest for an additional entry (send link).

That’s at least 4 entries there… Tell me a creative way you’d like to earn an additional entry, I just might consider it!